Columbia University Data Science Day 2018

The Fintech lab presented its most recent research results to academics and industry professionals at the Columbia University Data Science Day. The presentation included several posterboards and a live demo (Jupyter Notebook, MyBinder). The research received a lot of positive feedback and was covered in the news.

SPS Spotlight 2016

The recent SPS Spotlight: FinTech and Financial Regulation, held at the Columbia Club in November 2016, was an immense success. The engaging and timely program featured panelists Emanuel Derman, Paul Glasserman, Sharyn O’Halloran, Brian Ruane, Mayur Thakur, and Ben McLannahan. They explored a number of key concepts and themes in Financial Technology and Regulation. And their subsequent conversation with the audience members was lively and informative.

If you would like to view it again, you can watch the video below. Or read through Professor O'Halloran's Prezi presentation.